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by a Certified Proadvisor
from Quickbooks

Quickbooks Online Courses

A complete teaching program that fuses the knowledge of managing the quickbooks program with basic concepts of managing the accounting of a company.

Our courses are explained in a theoretical and practical way with examples of all the transactions that occur in the daily life of a business and applied to each of the ways used in quickbooks.

Whether your goal is to advance your profession or start a new business, our seminars and educational materials will give you the necessary knowledge to achieve success.

Receive a certificate at the culmination of each of the levels

  • Creation of a company in Quickbooks and explanation on the types of company.
  • Preparation of the chart of accounts and explanation of the types of accounts in accounting.
  • List of items, types of items and where to use the items.
  • Paying bills to our vendors.
  • Registration of discounts for early payments to vendors and other types of discounts.
  • Terms of payment, types of terms and their use.
  • Advances to our vendors, their registrations, and the applications of these to the bills.
  • Application of the credits to the bills and ways in which the applications are made.
  • Explanation on the sales tax preferences and parts inventory.
  • Creation of vendor list.
  • Creation of customer list.
  • Creation of employee list.
  • Explanation of Unpaid bills Report.
  • Explanation about the Inventory Reports.
  • Ways to value the inventory and explanation of the System used in Quickbooks.
  • How to create invoices.
  • Create sales receipts.
  • Difference between cash sales and invoices.
  • Receiving payments from costumers.
  • Terms of sales and types of terms.
  • How to set items and customers that require paying sales taxes.
  • Discount for early payment to customers and their accounting records.
  • Returns of items by customers and their accounting records.
  • Demonstration of open invoice reports.
  • Early payments from our costumers.
  • Explanation of the account of undeposited funds and its use.
  • Calculation of sales tax to deposit to the state.
  • Explanation on Accounts Receivables and how it is affected.
  • Registration of administrative and operating expenses.
  • Preparation of payroll checks.
  • Deductions of social security, medicare and federal withholding.
  • Making general journal entries to record the employer contributions to social security and medicare.
  • Calculation and registration of the state unemployment to each employee.
  • Calculation and registration of the federal unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).
  • Explanation of the form 941.
  • Explanation of the form 940.
  • Explanation of the UCT-6.
  • Payment of sales tax to the state.
  • Adjustments of the prepaid accounts and registries.
  • Depreciation, calculations and registries.
  • Form 1099 and 1096. How to calculate and prepare them in Quickbooks.
  • Financial statements - Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Bank reconciliation and explanation of the summary and detail report.