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for small and medium businesses.

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We provide financial and accounting advice to small and medium-sized companies.

We have extensive experience helping small and medium business owners to have better control and management of their finances, we focus on managing but also on educating the business owner to generate better decisions that ensure the success of the company.

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Our knowledge and commitment to our clients make the difference, call us and let us show you how much you can save through better decision-making and taking advantage of opportunities.

  • The daily entries Invoices, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment, Bills, Bill Payment, Bill, Credit, Write Check, Pay checks, Credit Card Charges, Refund, Credit Card, Make Deposit, Sales Tax Payment, Purchase Order, Payroll Check liabilities, YTD Adjusts, Journal Entries, Adjusting Inventory, Credit Memo, Transfer Fund and Estimates.
  • Create Chart of Accounts with the respective type of account in the Balance Sheet and Profit & amp; Loss.
  • Creating Items with their respective class and assignment of bills affecting the financial statements.
  • Development of Payroll Items.
  • Bank Reconciliation report cleared and not cleared transactions.
  • reporting built on QBs and self-built reports.
  • monthly displays of the financial statements Profit & amp; Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Bookkeeping Service. For Mac and Windows, this service can be performed in 6 versions of Premier, Enterprise, QuickBooks professional and additionally in the cloud. (Online) According to what the client needs. WINDOWS We can also work on Peachtree and MAS-90.
  • Personal income tax
  • Corporate Income tax

    S Corporation (Form 1120S)
    C Corporation (Form 1120)
    Partnerships LLCs (Form 1065)
    Multi-Forms LLCs (Form 1065)
    Estates & Trust (Form 1041)


  • Study of the Gross Margins and Net Margins of the company with its respective sale price analysis.
  • classification of fixed and variable costs.
  • Recommendation with a gross margin percentage according to existing fixed costs and variable costs of the company.
  • Find a weighted average margin on the amount or the total amount of sales of the company in a given period.
  • With margins weighted average sales levels find it starts to generate profits in companies that work with different gross margins on items.
  • Find the sales level that begins to generate a profit in companies working with the same gross margins on items.
  • Analysis of the Balance Sheet and Profit & amp; Loss in different periods, causes of changes and corrections if they are needed.
  • Find and explanation of financial indices and their impact on the welfare of the business.
  • Create a list of employees with their personal information and that of payroll and compensation.
  • Development of paychecks each pay period with their respective federal , legal or deductions agreement with the company .
  • Calculate and pay the liabilities ( liabilities ) Federal , legal or any other type of liabilities in particular .
  • Preparation and submission of forms 941 , 940 and SUI .
  • Development and delivery of W -2 form for employees.
  • Preparation and presentation of the W -3 and W -2 forms to the IRS.

Trust us to carry the books of your company; Our program allows us to access your computer remotely and securely.

  • Service of bookkeeping.
  • Made through the cloud.
  • for Windows and MAC platforms.
  • Done in 6 versions of Premier , Enterprise , QuickBooks professional
  • Peachtree and MAS- 90 for Windows